Reflexology is wonderful-a relaxing, healing therapy. It is an ancient healing art dating back to about 2,500 BC and is now becoming one of the most popular complementary therapies avaible.

Reflexology is a Holistic Therapy which treats the whole person, body mind and spirit and not just the symptoms.

A Reflexologist uses her hands applying gentle but firm pressure and massage techniques to the feet usually inducing a state of deep relaxation.

Reflex areas on the feet correspond to every part of the body, so by applying pressure to these reflexes, the reflexologist will help to reset the bodies Homeostasis ….The bodies Equilibrium.

Who Can Benefit from Reflexology

Most people! People of any age, or sex- the elderly, women, men, teenagers, children and babies may all gain positive benefits from reflexology.

Benefits of Reflexology

  • May help to ease tensions and every day stresses
  • Feelings of deep relaxation may be induced, leaving a feeling of WELL BEING and tranquillity
  • May help to revitalize tired minds and bodies
  • May be very effective in pain control
  • May help boost the immune system
  • Sleeping disorders may be resolved-improved sleep patterns is a very common benefit.

Ann offers this treatment in the warm, comfortable surroundings of the salon or she will come to your home (by prior arrangement), with no travel involved the quality of the treatment is enhanced and you are able to gain maximum enjoyment and relaxation at a time that suits you. Ann will treat an individual, or up to a maximum of 3 people each treatment lasts 1 hour.


Reflexology              £25

Massage full bod    £30

Back massage          £15


Deluxe reflexology: 90 minutes, start with a foot soak which will refresh and invograte the feet, with a stimulating sensation, followed by exfoliation, and nail care, then a relaxing  reflexology session , at the end we will finish by painting the toe nails