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This is such a strange term, and I first saw this written when I introduced Neil’s Yard products into the salon, I wanted to be able to offer 100% organic products into some of my treatments, to give our clients the choice. I spotted the Virgin Coconut Oil open on the stand at the NEC when visiting the Holistic Show, I had a sample and it smells LUSH!!  Pure coconut, I was told to have a taste, and then all the benefits where mentioned to me so I had to have some….So what The Heck is it…

OIL PULLING is an ancient Ayurvedic ( Ayurvedic  evolved in India and is considered the world’s oldest healthcare system)Dental Technique, You take a tablespoon of the coconut oil into your mouth first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and you swish and pull truough you teeth for around 20 mins without swallowing it, then you spit it out.

*make sure you spit out in the bin, not the sink or toilet or it will clog your drains…

How I did it

Well let’s face it 20 mins is a long time….. I find the 2minute timer on my toothbrush a long time!, I tried a full tablespoon to start but could not manage that so started with a dessert spoon full, and faithfully swished and pulled away, I did this whilst showering as I could not face looking in the mirror for 20 minutes every morning… jaw started to ache so do not do it like your mouth wash vigorously, just gentle movement around your mouth and through your teeth,  I did feel like gaging at first but I persevered, it will swell to almost double in your mouth as your saliva adds to the oil and pulls out the toxins, Swill out your mouth with warm salt water , brush and floss as usual and there will be no residue left in your mouth. But I persevered, for 2 weeks as I wanted to see the results.

The Benefits.

*Whiter Teeth*Gum/Cavity Prevention*Better Breathe (halitosis, suffers say that this greatly improves morning breathe)*sleep and sinus issues*Alleviation of Headache, Hangovers and Skin issues, these are all benefits of drawing out the Harmful Toxins in our bodies.

Give it a go what have you got to lose?

*Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, A healthy cooking option, Oil Pulling /Skinand Hair conditioner.


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